Work zone safety activity book for kids and some facts that adults may not know.

Over the last few years, at least 500,000 copies of this activity book have been printed and distributed to children that we are aware of. We think that is great. Thank you and please keep it up. If you wish to distribute this book please adhere to this simple guideline. The activity book may be freely distributed, so long as no fees are charged and Professional Traffic Graphics, Inc. receives proper credit.

Black and White for coloring

Color version for use as a teaching aid

Hi, my name is Ima Cone, I made this activity book and the safer roads game for all my friends that use our roads and highways. Just click on one of the links to download some fun for all.

Winner of the ARTBA 2003 Work Zone Safety Award / Private Outreach category (National-Level)

Here is how other’s use the Work Zone Activity Book

“Hi,  I want to thank your company for having the Work Zone Activity Book.  I don’t know if someone made it up at your company or you guys acquired it somewhere else but it has been a blessing for my family.  My 5-year-old autistic son has an obsession with road signs.  Stop was one of the first words he has spelled. Now he knows how to spell many other signs among other words that you have in the Activity Book.  He has the entire book in memory. We read it every night before bed.  He wants to live on Jasmine Lane with Doris Drum. LOL! And he knows not to walk if the hand is red. Thank you!! I can not express to you the special meaning that book has to my son. Thank you, again!! Tracy”

Washington State: We distributed the activity book at the State Fair and the kids loved it.

I have enclosed a photo of some children ready to color.

Minnesota DOT, January 2006 “Debbie, In 2004, Missouri Department of Transportation printed/distributed 5,000 copies of Traffic Graphic’s Work Zone Activity Book. Currently, an interest has surfaced to reprint a second 5,000 books for distribution statewide…” MNDOT

Florida DOT, in 2002 printed 5,000 books and in 2003 printed and distributed 10,000 copies along with a box of crayons. Welcome centers and offices around the state hand out the activity books.

Los Alamos County, New Mexico used the activity book in the fall of 2003 for a training session on Work Zone Safety for school kids. They found the book to be informative and plan to use it again in the future.

Iowa DOT used sections from the activity book to make a “Kids in the Backseat” travel activity book. They printed 15,000 copies to pass out at their welcome centers.

Washington State: “Our region had booths at 3 fairs this year (2204), Ellensburg Fair and Kittitas Rodeo, Benton Franklin County Fair and Rodeo, and Central Washington State Fair. We had about 10,000 printed, and gave out about 8,000 of them. The kids and Parents really liked them. One 12 year old girl at the Ellensburg Fair wasn’t sure if she wanted one when I gave it to her younger siblings. I showed her the the booklet and explained how helpful it will be when she starts to take Drivers Ed she will already know the road signs and be aware of construction warnings. She walked away looking at it, then about an hour later came back with 3 of her friends to get one for them. I have attached a photo taken by another fair-goer impressed with the enthusiasm displayed by the 3 kids looking at the Activity book. We have had requests from drivers ed classes, Boy Scouts, 4-H clubs, and Junior High classes asking for books for the group. We think they were a great success!.”

From a private contact, “My daughter is a Girl Scout, Brownie and your activity book looks like something that could be used by her troop not only for an activity but also educate them about the importance of construction safety.”

Every year, the first week of April is designated as Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, Professional Traffic Graphics, Inc. welcomes you to use the activity book in your safety program or encourage your local schools to make copies and use in their classrooms. The activity book may be freely distributed, so long as no fees are charged and Professional Traffic Graphics, Inc. receives proper credit.

We welcome feedback on how you use the activity book and the children’s reactions and comments. For example, from Florida, a small child tells her mom, “Be careful! Don’t hit Doris Drum.” Or the young boy from Colorado who tells his father “Dad, Barri Cade said the road is closed.” Please, send an email with your comments telling us how you use the activity book and how many copies you distributed.