Some points for you to consider about Traffic Control Plans.
The owners of this company have actually been in the traffic control business over 40 years and have submitted thousands of traffic control plans using every method imaginable to try to save time and present a quality traffic control plan that is acceptable to both the owner and prime contractor.
Traffic control plans are just graphics!
In fact, if you think about it they are actually artwork, they are your artwork, and just like any artwork you would see in any museum, they convey something to the viewer.
No software will produce an accurate traffic control plan at the push of a button that will make everyone understand every detail required for an acceptable plan.
No software will think for you or prevent mistakes like placing cones where drums are required, you need to have experience and know the specifications.
The more detail you give the fewer questions later, and that is your goal.

All three pictures above are of a woman in a chair, no we did not make this up.
Likewise, you and every other person are not alike, no two people are going to make identical traffic control plans even for the same job.
Other software companies are still developing their software as they go. We have chosen CorelDRAW a well-established company with millions of customers. CorelDRAW has been around for many years as the base engine for creating the drawing. For example, the middle picture is actually a drawing, not a photograph created with CorelDRAW. Because CorelDRAW has more power than needed for any traffic control plan, any plan is easy. We have created all the specific items that you would use in a traffic control situation, this is what we call TRAFFICGRAPHICS®. You use CorelDRAW and TRAFFICGRAPHICS® together to make traffic control plans.
Now much like you install the real traffic control on site, here you just use CorelDRAW to place TRAFFICGRAPHICS® items on the base map to create your plan.

We give you the tools for you to make the traffic control plan that you want, with the other resources available to you, and do it for a reasonable one time cost.
Yes, that is correct we do not have an annual charge for maintenance or any fee for support.
Your masterpiece may look something like these below or whatever you want them to look like.

Detailed Diagrams

Simple Diagrams

Aerial or Satellite Imagery

Photo Realistic

3 D Presentation

Custom Configurations

Scale Drawings