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Yes, there are no annual maintenance fees from us forever.  How can we do this? The software is easy to use and once you see the light just like any other software program it just works. If you upgrade your computer you may choose to get a new version of CorelDRAW software, but this is an option of your choice. Other traffic control software will bill you for 25% of the original cost of the software every year just to continue using the software.

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About our product:
We chose CorelDRAW, a full-featured graphics package as the best program for creating and manipulating our graphics; we then add 30,000+- traffic related graphics (TRAFFICGRAPHICS®) including sign images that you assemble into a traffic control plan. For years we have felt that CorelDRAW is the best program for this type of work, the following are excerpts from the discussion section on the MUTCD website that seem to confirm our belief.

The first post is from a person who works for the contractor that actually made the Standard Highway Signs Book for the FHWA, his company sells ready-to-cut sign patterns.

Henry Mikiewicz …One can just as easily use CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand, Flexisign or SignLab to accurately produce a full range of FHWA compliant traffic control signs. You simply need to know how to go about it. How do I know this? Well, the FHWA Standard Highway Signs Manual (2000 Millennium thru 2004 Edition) was created with CorelDraw. We did the work and we have an accurate and up to date library of full size, pre-made traffic control signs ready for fabrication. By the way, type A and B overhead guide signs can be laid out as well. The beauty of this approach is in the flexibility these programs allow the user and their robust ability to output files to the broadest range of (roll-fed, flat-bed) plotter cutters. Sure you can pay a lot more for less, but why?

Also in the same discussion area
Bobby H wrote …CorelDRAW is especially well featured for handling technical drawing chores for its wealth of anchor point editing tools (many of which Adobe Illustrator sorely lacks)…