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Nearly every sign from the MUTCD and Standard Highway Sign Book is incorporated into this software, including regulatory signs, parking signs, school signs, exit signs, and of course, warning and construction signs.

Signs are supplied in every color that follows the MUTCD. All signs are duplicated in Black and White line art for easy faxing. Intersections, interchanges and over-under passes are all easy to build. Pavement marking plans are easy to create. Pavement markings print in the correct colors or black for faxes.

Everything is included to give your drawings a professional, finished look, including borders, map symbols and three-dimensional looking traffic control devices.

Create plans using standard signs & devices for US & Canada.

All signs are fully customizable. Plus a complete directory of standard symbols and arrows for making your own signs. This is possible because Traffic Graphics uses easy to modify vector graphics instead of the traditional and impossible to modify bitmap graphics.

File names are standard MUTCD sign codes or Standard Highway Sign Book names. Or change file names to ones you prefer.
Roads fit together easily. They can be bent, stretched, or expanded and still maintain their realistic look.

Ramps align easily to roadways.

Channelizing devices will follow curb line or curves, and supplied in stacks to automatically form tapers and tangents.

Traffic Graphics works great all by itself. As an added feature Traffic Graphics also integrates with other software.

Traffic Graphics:
This software contains all of the signs and devices from the Standard Highway Sign Book and the M.U.T.C.D. (about 20,000 in all), and thousands of roadway configurations. 

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In place of a live instructor, the training relies heavily on graphics, video, and interactive content with narration.

Student comprehension is evaluated during the class using interactive quizzes, with instant feedback.

This is the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) flagger registration curriculum.

This training has been modified for one-on-one online delivery, and approved by ATSSA.

This course is designed and narrated by a certified ATSSA flagger instructor.

Open to Everyone

Place holder
DOT’s / City / County Agencies

Barricade Companies

Pavement Marking Companies

Employment Agencies

Private Individuals